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Where Did My EyeBrows Go?

Posted by Kathryn
Kathryn Alexander, founder of Blessing Permanent Makeup began her career in the beauty industry in 1977 workin...
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on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 in Blessing Blog

Where have all my eyebrows gone? I hear this everyday with my clients. Unfortunately one of the joys of aging is we loose our eyebrows.

Men loose the hair on their head and grow bushy brows. We loose our eyebrows and grow chin hair. It's not fair! Most of the loss is due to hormonal changes and much of it is over tweezing. I have heard too many times..."My sister waxed off my brows when I was 14 and they have never been the same and I am 55!"

Eyebrow hair grows through phases. As new hair grows underneath the old hair, the old hair eventually falls out. The hair cycle becomes shorter for women as they age due to hormones, with the new hair being not as strong as the older hair falling out. Eyebrow hair will grow back only about 20 times before the hair follicle gives up, which can cause eyebrows to thin as the hair is excessively tweezed, waxed or falls out. This explains why women at about 35 years of age begin to pencil in their eyebrows more and more. What a chore for the busy gal. You are not alone.

Permanent Makeup is a wonderful answer to the dilemma. When it is applied correctly, the illusion of having a softer, sexier eyebrow is achieved, permanently. What a Blessing!

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Kathryn Alexander, founder of Blessing Permanent Makeup began her career in the beauty industry in 1977 working in her parents Merle Norman cosmetic studio. Her love for helping women make the most of their natural beauty has grown from there.

In 1988, she received her first training in the art of cosmetic tattooing. She has since then had her permanent makeup practice’s within some of the finest plastic surgeons offices, spas and salons in the country. Besides having her own successful businesses, she has trained others who have become master artists and some have also gone on to be industry educators, product manufacturers and suppliers of permanent cosmetic products.

Kathryn’s technique and expertise set her apart in the industry. A master of the art of cosmetic tattooing she has performed thousands of procedures and has over 24 years experience in the industry. She feels that having mentors that are legends in this business has helped her success throughout the years.

It has been her desire to see more and more women have the blessing of safe, beautiful, natural permanent makeup. For too long it has been difficult to find a well trained permanent makeup artist that can offer all these things. Blessing Permanent Makeup is changing that. Our goal is to have anyone wishing to have permanent makeup have a safe, relaxing, elegant place to achieve the stunning look they are after. We are truly experts in our field specializing and offering only Permanent Eyebrows and Eyeliner. We are the first Permanent Makeup franchise in the world and are growing to accommodate not only our happy clients, but also beauty professionals who would enjoy making permanent makeup their career by being awarded their own Blessing franchise.

Kathryn knows that every face is unique and every client has a specific want and lifestyle so since its inception, Blessing Permanent Makeup has pledged that each client will receive a beautiful procedure designed just for them. That promise remains the tenet for every Blessing Permanent Makeup studio.


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